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When the closed cooling tower is overhauled, what are the main repair items?

  1474  2023/01/05

The maintenance of closed cooling towers mainly includes the following items:
1. Repair of the lower water tank: After long-term operation, due to the large amount of air pollutants in the cooling water tank, a layer of sludge has accumulated at the bottom of the tank, so it must be cleaned. Check whether there is any damage in the water tank and whether there is any leaking part. If there is a leak, use the equipment to repair it during the rest period, and release the water in the pipeline and the accumulated water in the water tank to avoid freezing damage.
2. Repair of fans and motors: The fans of closed cooling towers are mostly axial fans. From the point of view of its structure and function, fans and motors work in high temperature and high humidity environments, and often work under harsh conditions such as wind and rain. Therefore, in terms of inspection and repair of the wind turbine, the maintenance period should be short, and the inspection items should be more. After removing the fan bearing and the motor bearing, replace the worn and damaged bearings with new ones. For direct gear devices, check whether the gear mechanism is damaged and whether there is sufficient lubricating oil. Especially the fans of closed cooling towers are the source of noise and vibration. Therefore, it is necessary to make necessary adjustments to the engagement of shafts, bearings, belts, etc.